When you know the feeling of hatred early in life, the jump off with haters become natural. There is no documented facts on how this formula of encrypting what a hater feels qualified for an evil resonation towards you. A skill set that you learn from someone who happens to…

Communication is a negotiation. Here’s why

The conversations will drastically change depending on your level of lifestyle. People use conversations as a way to learn one another. Hoping to make sense of whatever is going on. Truthfully a marriage is negotiated to resolve the issue of confused communication. Through your dating stage there is like a…

{could be real or relatable, up to you to decide}

Rooms have been dark, and honestly, they stay dark. I prefer it that way. Black curtains with black furniture. Then allowing color splashes whenever I feel like it. Maybe I could add a green lamp and it not look out…

A random way to understand why your body does what it do. Just like that too.

Album covers of artist Gold Link, Rihanna, Drake, Justine Skye, Megan Thee Stallion, Summer Walker, Tinashe, Mirajuana, Mila J.

Notice that when you touch your eyes and slide your hands back to where it is now touching your ears. Solidifying the belief that because those two bodying parts are close in reach, work…

Just as much as it is typed above, is just as much as it develops in your body. Yes, other foods can increase the amount of mucous build up. That eventually becomes overbearing in your body. Now you feel, “sick.”

Can we discuss how the consistency can help determine how…

Ligament Tear: The Bod way to treat it.

This post is a way to correlate the anatomy and physiology of the humane body with a poetic depiction to an injury solution. All given from the bachelor studies of exercise/A&P science. Please keep in mind for future reads.

Enjoy & engage…


To the hungry and determined

It’s inevitable that winning is what your yearning

Accomplished it once so your deserving

But can u get consistent once you get going?

It’s needed because your idolized and the pressure rised

How are you going to come out of this?



Briauna Y.


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